Book Spotlight: Black History Month

by Saeideh Rajabzadeh, Kira McKesey, Susana Gonzalez, Samantha Wheadon

By For Black History Month, our team has put together a Book Spotlight that highlights both black joy and struggles. A short description of the author and the book, content warnings, and image descriptions are included for each of the seven books below.

Blood Like Magic, Liselle Sambury

Book cover of a black girl surrounded by purple and pink smoke.

Liselle Sambury is a Trinidadian-Canadian author born and raised in Toronto, ON. Sambury’s debut young adult novel Blood Like Magic was released in 2021. This urban fantasy book is set in Toronto and follows a girl named Voya on a quest to save her family’s magic. The only problem is that in order for her to complete her quest, Voya must kill her first love, even though she’s never been in love.

Content Warnings: blood, slavery, death

[Image Description: In the center of this book cover is a black girl surrounded by smoke. The bottom of the cover shows the title of the book in large font, Blood like Magic. Beneath in small font is the name of the author, Liselle Sambury. The cover showcases bright colours such as pink, purple, and some green mixed in the smoke surrounding the central character.]

I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You: A Letter to my Daughter, David Chariandy

Book cover with the title "I've been meaning to tell you: A letter to my daughter" it big white font. The background is divided into small squares with sketches of faceless people.