IGG Scholarship 2019 Recipient

Meet Indigo Girl Viktorija Burcul, the IGG scholarship recipient for 2019!

The IGG scholarship is awarded to a volunteer who embodies an Indigo Girl in her everyday life – Viktorija represents what it means to be an Indigo Girl in her actions, passions, and life-lived.

“We define an Indigo Girl as a young woman who is aware of her existence as a powerful person in the world. Indigo girls spread positive energy into their communities as agents of change, enabling their leadership and passion within their community. Viktorija truly fits this description, using her strengths to empower and inspire others.” IGG Directors

Viktorija is currently a co-branch leader, alongside Maddy Taylor, of the Ottawa branch at IGG. As a branch leader, Viktorija helps organize branch initiatives including girls’ clubs and fundraisers throughout the Ottawa community. She has been successfully running the branch for the past year while completing her final year of Biomedical sciences at The University of Ottawa.

She has an extremely bright future with plans to pursue a career where she can continue to have a positive influence on the people she works with. Though accomplished, Viktorija, humbly reflects on her path to success, recognizing that she struggled with self-confidence while growing up but was able to use confidence-building strategies, including journaling, that have now inspired her to help empower younger girls experiencing similar challenges.

“I have learned that the most beautiful people are the ones who are passionate about what they do."

Indigo Girls provides her with an outlet to channel this passion, and she’s learned a great deal from being a part of the organization:

“I have learned that the most beautiful people are the ones who are passionate about what they do. I’m constantly inspired by the girls we wor